Those boys at Videlectrix are known for their good graphics, not their music! So I made an alternate soundtrack for their new game Marzipan Beef Reverser. Maybe I'll work at Videlectrix someday.

Advance through the tracks by pressing [Right] or Z (the A-Button). Backtrack by pressing [Left] or X (the B-Button).

You can download this as a .gb rom to play on your favorite Game Boy (or emulator) as a music cartridge! Sorry, this was built in GB Studio 2, so I can't export it for Pocket...

Images are from the already-existing game. Music is by me, Sloopygoop, based on the original tunes from the game. Check out more of my music here and here. And if you're looking to hire someone to make .mod files for your Game Boy game, hit me up!

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Install instructions

Play the .gb file like you would any other Game Boy rom!


sloopygoop_marzipan beef 256 kB

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